Game Changer Benefactor ($1000)

Upon payment, we will grant access to the electronic items for you and your team (or your friends), reserve 6 copies of the book and add your name on a special commemorative plaque on the Game Changer Partner bench, which will be in the foyer of the Solutionz Innovations headquarters in Tampa.

When the book is shipped, Chicke will autograph them and we’ll send them in the Game Changer tote bag.


  • 6× Full Network membership ($299 value/ year)
  • Full set of the Game Changer Library with all author books
  • Special Partner Plaque on the Game Changer bench in our office
  • 6× Autographed copy of The Game Changer book in tote bag
  • “I’m a Game Changer” item of your choice (bag, mug, mousepad)
  • Mention of you in our BLOG and on the Game Changer Network

Estimated delivery:  one week

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