Game Changer Roadmap ($5000)

Upon payment, we will reserve your Game Changer Roadmap session with Chicke Fitzgerald, the author of the Game Changer.  This is a 50% discount off the normal rate for this session. 

The output of that strategy session is an opportunity roadmap for your team to change your game.  Whether that is your product roadmap, your culture or your business model (or all three), you will end up with a set of “Tiger Team” action items to get you started.

If you want more information about the potential of this session for you, click on the button in the bottom right corner.  If it is during business hours

We will add your name on a special commemorative plaque on the Game Changer Partner bench, which will be in the foyer of the Solutionz Innovations headquarters in Tampa.


  • Special Partner Plaque on the Game Changer bench in our office
  • Autographed copy of The Game Changer book in tote bag for each of your team
  • 50% discount off our 3-day integrated planning session, should you choose to have Solutionz help in getting your plan into an executable, measurable project plan

Estimated delivery:  Schedule your session

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