GDS Companies 30 years later

This year was the 30 year birthday of the GDS industry. Didn’t get invited to the party? You are not alone. There was little or no fanfare to celebrate this industry milestone.

I will do my part in the celebration by offering a spectacular discount on my Travel Distribution Library. This set was originally published in 2002.

The first book is on the history of these “E-Commerce Pioneers”. The second book was a snapshot in 2002 of the then 4 GDS companies and their international counterparts. The third book is the Essential Guide to Multi-Channel Distribution and most of these premises remain timeless.

Originally $2395, I will offer the readers of my blog $2000 off, or a total price of $395 for the set of 3 books in this closeout sale. If you have people in your company that have recently joined the industry, this set is highly recommended.

And yes, I’m trying to clear the shelves for my new book – Bootstrap Business, coming out this spring.

Just go to the Solutionz website to get details on each title and when you order, select BLOG in the discount box.And if I can get the 3 GDS companies to provide updated stats, there may be a 30th anniversary edition of the ECommerce Pioneers book. We’ll wait and see on that one!

Happy birthday guys…..

Chicke Fitzgerald

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