Getting to 100,000 visits to a blog – what does it take? I’m about to find out!

Since I’m nearly there, I am wondering now what it really takes to get over the 100k visitor mark.

As I look back at my blog over the past few years, here is what I observe:

  1. When I post on a daily basis, my visitor numbers are sustained at a consistent level.
  2. During industry events, when I post relevant commentary on what is going on at the conference, visits from my industry spike at a 5x number over my daily visitors.
  3. Occasionally my daily numbers will spike to 2-3x for no reason whatsoever, even after weeks of being silent (such as during my recent mission trip to Poland).  Go figure…..
  4. I got to nearly 93k with just 415 posts, so you can do the math on the average visits per post.

My top post, on how much I would have charged Delta Airlines to rebuild their website, had nearly 5,000 views.  Following that with nearly 3,000 views was the first in the series about which company is the top GDS.  Behind that in third place was my Industry Pedigree series on Orbitz.  I have recently provided an update on the top GDS and today updated the original Orbitz Pedigree blog with new info.

For those of you that have been a part of the over 92,000 visits to my blog, a big thank you.  For those that actually subscribe,  I am eternally grateful. 

This brings up a good point.  Do subscribers matter?  Well of course you do.  You are the foundation of my daily visitor numbers.  But can you get to 100,000 visitors to your blog without them?  I will tell you unequivocally yes.  Because I have gotten to where I am with just 32 followers to my blog.  

This begs the question of what would my numbers be if I had focused on increasing my number of followers, versus just focusing on content.

Unless you comment, I may never know.  But for those who know me, you will know that I will now set out on a major campaign to get subscribers to my blog!

Stay tuned!

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