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Ginger Rockey Johnson- Remarkability

Ginger Rockey Johnson- Remarkability #1: You’re Not Invisible Don’t Let Your Brand Be Either 

Being Remarkable and Standing Out is not hard. Just be yourself, you are the only one who can be. But what are the rules of the game? The problem isn’t that there is a lack of knowledge in the business community. It’s that there is so much knowledge and as a result they don’t know which information is accurate and effective versus just a waste of time. Tired of wasting money on what you do not understand?

This is a must read for business owners who are tired of losing time & money on strategies that do not work. This is a Must-Read for anyone wanting to understand the very basics of getting noticed on the Internet.

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Ginger Rockey Johnson. The original live interview was 3/13/15.

Ginger is the Radio Personality of “Social Media Today with the Spice Girl of Tampa Bay”, a worldwide her radio show based in Florida and originally aired on Monday’s at noon with rebroadcasts throughout the globe. Ginger teaches the world of Internet Marketing in common sense, plain and simple no nonsense manner. The show focuses on topics of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Networking, Print, and all things Internet Marketing related to those who need just questions answered.

She teaches her “Networking is just Marketing in Real Life” strategies in the local Tampa Bay area at Monster Mixers – Tampa’s Largest Business Networking Event in Tampa Bay, fours years in a row. The mixers are held in four locations throughout Tampa Bay.

Ginger has 16+ years of experience in marketing and social media marketing discipline.

Her website is

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Ginger Rockey Johnson

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