How to Raise $1 Million (or More!) in 10 Bite-Size Steps/ Asking Matters- an interview with Andrea Kihlstedt on Uncommon Giving

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Kihlstedt is well known as a writer, coach and trainer in fundraising.

Many would have you believe
that raising $1 million or more is complex, requires countless
meetings, an outsized pool of prospects, and the costly aid of a
consultant. Andrea Kihlstedt punctures that notion by showing that
intelligent board members, volunteers, and staff have within them the
skills and common sense to make it happen. Kihlstedt’s 10 steps will and
won’t surprise you. If you have experience, you already know the
importance of a campaign’s infrastructure: the need to refine your case,
identify the right chair, and adhere to the proven sequence of

But what WILL surprise you, and where the strength of the
book lies, is the fresh way Kihlstedt, herself a consultant with some 27
years of experience, helps you line up your ducks.

  Over the past 28 years, her clients have ranged from tiny start-up
organizations to large national institutions. She has guided and goaded
each of them to create the culture and context that will inspire people
to ask.

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