How to Raise Charitable Children- an interview with Carol Weisman on Uncommon Giving

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How many times have we
heard ourselves, our friends, or our kids’ grandparents complain that
children have too many things and don’t appreciate any of it? We all
enjoy doing things for children – buying them something special, taking
them on a fun outing, throwing a great birthday party. But at the same
time, many of us fear that without some balance, most children will grow
up thinking only of themselves.

This observation is what led
Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, MOM, to write “Raising Charitable Children.” In
this book, Weisman shares real-life stories collected from allover the
world of how parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, scout
leaders, friends, next door neighbors, and her own family have either
initiated or supported ways to teach children how to give back to those
in need. But she doesn’t stop there. After each of the stories, Weisman
offers specific steps to help anyone translate these ideas into action.
In this way, she turns what might have been just a lot of wonderful
stories into a set of practical maps or models anyone can use to start
making a difference now.

Carol works closely with The Chronicle of
Philanthropy doing a blog on fundraising, webinars and an advice column.
When not speaking, writing and traveling, she works out with a group of
plus-sized runners called “The Chaffing Dishes.”

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