IFLYBAGS.com is out of the bag

My husband and I are flying to San Francisco tomorrow on US Air.  Of course if you follow me on TripIt or Traxo, you already know that.

What you don’t know is that we used Farelogix’ new iflybags.com site to make some very important travel decisions.

1.  We are not going to take our boogie boards with us.  It would cost $200 extra per boogie board and besides, Google will be keeping us much too busy at their top travel advertisers conference to make it to the Pacific this trip and the ocean is just too cold for boogie boarding.

2.  We are leaving our 125 inch antlers at home.  Who knew you could only travel with antlers that were 120 inches in diameter? And of course this begs the question of why ANYONE would travel with antlers…. but you know if US Air has a price for it that it is because someone did…..

3.  We will just have to do without woofers and tweeters this trip, as it would cost $200 to take along our speakers to listen to our iPod in high fidelity.

In all seriousness, bravo to Farelogix for their amazing job of simplifying complex information on a consumer site that gives us literally everything we want to know about not only excess bag fees, but about the cost of traveling with every imaginable item. 

The most important piece of information of course is still in very fine print on US Air’s site, but features front and center on iflybags.com.  We need to pack light and carry on, as there are zero free checked bags allowed.

Note to self, next time, I fly Delta or Southwest…..

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