Incubator 2.0

The Game Changer Network has a new way to scale companies.

At the Game Changer Network, our mission is to accelerate the success of funders and founders by helping them reduce risk and make informed decisions.  We meet that need through our incubator, The Sounding Board.

We believe in a world where early stage companies don’t have to waste valuable time and money finding a great board and the right team members to lay the foundation for growth.

Perry Yeatman, Executive Director, The Sounding Board


Vetting great candidates takes time.  Quite frankly, one person can’t fill all the needs of the fast-paced world of an emerging company. It takes people of different backgrounds to shape and succeed in the founding, funding, and building of early stage companies.  And quite often a company doesn’t need a full time, world class CxO, but they do need to be able to access that talent to help lay the foundation and then to assist in hiring the right leadership to run that area within the company.

The Sounding Board, a new platform within the Game Changer Network under the leadership of Perry Yeatman, is designed to give start-up companies faster, more cost-effective, dynamic access to the specific senior talent and Board-level advice they need.

The Sounding Board, brings together over 50 experts from a variety of industries, functions, and geographies to provide “as needed” counsel and support to early stage companies looking to scale.

The Sounding Board Class of 2019 is the year of innovation in the travel industry.  These four member companies are all working in different arenas to transform the way travel is marketed and sold.  They have found synergies in working together and look forward to sharing their successes with the Class of 2020 and become part of helping a new group of companies launch and scale.

Program benefits include:

Solutionz Innovations, LLC

CEO Chicke Fitzgerald

Tampa, FL

Rich Media Exchange, LLC

CEO Kulin Strimbu

Denver, CO

TripWriters, LLC

Denver, CO

CEO Maggie Fischer

Orlando, FL

International Association of Independent Performing Artists
CEO Jace Everett

Nashville, TN

Applications for the Class of 2020 will open up on August 1, 2019 and the member companies selected will be advised no later than September 30th.  We will be holding a Think Tank in Tampa to hear the pitches of the finalist companies and introducing them to the Sounding Board members.  The goal is to complete the matching process by December 31st of the Sounding Board team to the Class of 2020.   

We will also be interviewing Sounding Board partners to fill out the solution set for our member companies.  This will include funding partners, development partners, marketing companies, sales and pitch coaches and other core services that can help accelerate the growth of our member companies.