“Solutionz’ Game Changer Network has a new way to scale companies.

Normally incubators are focused on startups.  There are many incubators, of all shapes and sizes, in many locations.  Taking someone from zero to the 212˚ that it takes to boil water is what they do.  They may even inject a little capital through angel partners or government grants or even help you get an SBA loan.

Our incubator is different.

We take companies that have self-funded through founder and co-founder investment, friends and family seed funding and through sweat equity.

We help them find the right advisors through our Sounding Board and we give them one of the most valuable things that entrepreneurs at this stage need.  Encouragement to stay the course.  We can also provide practical help and advice through short term consulting engagements or acting CxO roles, filled by Sounding Board members or interim leadership from our Solutionz team.

To understand the name of the program, it is important to share the backstory with you.

I wrote an article in September of 2020 that was the inspiration for the new name.   The short version is that it takes 212˚ to boil water.

Most incubators take you from zero and no matter where you are on the “heat” curve, you have to redo all the basics.  For those companies that are at or above 200, the journey to 212 is very short, but by the time they reach there, it is common to have run out of capital or for the original founders to have scattered and returned to other things.  The tiny “bubbles” are about to form, the steam is about to rise and the full boil isn’t far away.  But getting there requires some help.

212˚ & beyond is that kind of program and we have some unique ways of getting you to the “boiling point.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

The Game Changer Network Sounding Board is a unique concept of bringing together experienced executives and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries and disciplines to assist companies that are seeking the 212˚solution for their company.

These companies aren’t startups but neither are they mature, well funded organizations.  To this kind of an entrepreneur, it can feel a bit like no-man’s land.  That is where we come in.

2020 was a challenging year for all, but no more so for the travel and events industries.   Our Class of 2020 will be extending their incubation period through the end of 2022.

The four member companies in the program are all working in different arenas to transform the way travel is marketed and sold.  They have found synergies in working together and look forward to sharing their successes with the Class of 2023 and become part of helping a new group of companies launch and scale.

Solutionz Group, LLC

CEO Chicke Fitzgerald

Tampa, FL

Rich Media Exchange, LLC

Denver, CO

TripWriters, LLC


Denver, CO

CEO Kulin Strimbu

Denver, CO

Since we are extending our Class of 2020 into 2022, we have limited the Class of 2021 to three companies.  Applications for the Class of 2023 will opened up in mid-2022.   

We will also be interviewing Sounding Board partners to fill out the solution set for our member companies.  This will include funding partners, development partners, marketing companies, sales and pitch coaches and other core services that can help accelerate the growth of our member companies.

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