Solutionz Live! on INNOVATION – Debra Kaye, Red Thread Thinking

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Debra Kaye. The original live interview was 4/19/13.

Create products and services your consumers can’t pass up–without the high cost of development.
Debra Kaye explodes conventional thinking about innovation and provides
an approach that anyone or any business can use to expose the crucial
links among observations, experiences, facts, and feelings that on the
surface do not seem related–but are–to uncover fresh, brilliant

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In Red Thread Thinking, Kaye shows you how to weave
originality from disparate information and turn it into a product or
service that can shake up the marketplace–and your business.
A mold-breaking system, Red Thread Thinking sharpens your innovation
skills and can assist in problem solving, whether preparing a talk,
pitching a project to your colleagues and boss, managing staff in a more
productive way, or taking business to a new level.
Debra Kaye is a global innovation and trends expert specializing in
brand strategy and innovation for consumer businesses. Her clients have
included Apple, Mars, Colgate, McDonald’s, American Express,
Kimberly-Clark and many more. A frequent commentator on American Public
Radio’s “Marketplace” and contributor to Fast Company, she is partner at
the innovation consultancy Lucule and former CEO of TBWAItaly.
Debra’s website is
To order her book click HERE
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