Innovation, Leadership, Growth, and Corporate Escape Artists- an interview with Camille Landau, Ed Darack, JJ Konstant, Andrea Sittig-Rolf, and Barry Miller on Solutionz Live!

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The original live interview was on 4/7/09.               

This episode is #66 of all time in the top 100 shows on Solutionz Live!

Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Camille Landau, Ed Darack, JJ Konstant, Andrea Sittig-Rolf, and Barry Miller.

-Innovation with Camille Landau, founder of ReferQuest

– Leadership with author Ed Darack and marine captain JJ
Konstant to talk about the new book Victory Point – the story of two
pivotal battles in Afghanistan and Leadership under Fire

-Growth with Andrea Sittig-Rolf, back by popular demand to talk about the Blitz Experience

-Corporate Escape Artists with co-host Pamela Skillings and our guest Barry Miller

To listen to the show click HERE 

Camille Landau’s website is  http://www.think-like-a-startup.com/#!home/chjc

 Ed Darack’s website is  http://www.darack.com/about/

Konstant’s website is http://jjkonstant.com/

Andrea Sittig-Rolf’s website is http://www.andreasittigrolf.com/

Barry Miller/Pace University’s website is http://www.pace.edu/

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