Integrated blogs are best practice

Here at Solutionz, we practice what we preach — best practice.

And no, it is not best practice Dilbert style, but to get your attention we thought that we would embed a little humor and variety in our blog as it moves into its new home.

I know that many of you “have the t-shirt” with your own company’s brand of change in direction that is portrayed in the Dilbert cartoon.  

The one thing that resonates about Dilbert is that we have all known leaders that try to drive strategy and plans in areas where they do not have expertise.  They definitely do not know best practice, even when it bites them.    

Yesterday I came across an article published by Hubspot on best practice for company blogs.  It said, unequivocally, that your blog should be a part of your website, not published separately on Blogger or WordPress or some similar tool.

If you are the key person for both marketing and distribution and blogging falls on your long list of responsibilities, then perhaps you should read “13 Business Blogging Mistakes and Their Easy Fixes” from @HubSpot. Get it here:   

We read it.  We listened.  So here we are.  The Distribution Solutionz blog will now be an integrated part of the Solutionz site. 
Thanks for following our musings on distribution.  We address traditional distribution, as well as all manner of digital distribution.  

Enjoy and stay tuned.     We will continue to put a link to our daily blogs here for those of you using RSS. 
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