Intelligent Chaos

Really wonderful art is an excellent example of “intelligent chaos”. This painting by Miranda Moss is one of my favorites that depicts to me the glory of travel.

Actually Miranda named this painting “Signs of Life”, so it would appear that she wasn’t even inspired by travel when she painted it.

Another great example of intelligence coming out of chaos is when a chef takes a pantry full of ingredients that are seemingly random and unconnected and in a flurry of bowls, pans and pots, whips up a brilliant creation. When I cook, the kitchen can often be called chaotic before brilliance emerges.

One of my favorite examples of intelligent chaos is a tapestry. As it is being created, a jumble of colors, including those that are not considered “beautiful” are used and if you view it from the wrong perspective (the backside), it would seem to be just a jumble of knots. But turn it around when it is finished and a beautiful picture emerges, viewable originally only in the creator’s eyes.

I choose to look at the travel industry right now as that jumble of knots – business models that are tired, technology that only addresses a small slice of travelers, costs that are out of whack with revenues and companies that are cutting into the bone, crippling their ability to remain competitive.

Together, we can turn this chaos into intelligence. Out of chaos comes opportunity. Let’s find the signs of life together.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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