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Joelle K. Jay-The New Advantage

Joelle K. Jay-The New Advantage: How Women in Leadership Can Create Win-Wins for Their Companies and Themselves

When Women Leaders Succeed, Corporate America Succeeds

According to a recent study released by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young), women in leadership positions are linked to stronger company profits.

In their new book, THE NEW ADVANTAGE: How Women In Leadership Can Create Win-Wins For Their Companies And Themselves, leadership experts and consultants Howard J. Morgan and Joelle K. Jay delve deep into what women, and the companies that employ them, can and should do to promote the advancement of women.

“The good news is that women are in the position to empower themselves to advance as leaders,” say Jay and Morgan. “Women who take the lead in their careers by practicing personal leadership reach new levels of personal and professional success. When companies support the advancement of women, they attain better balance among their leaders.”

In many organizations, women are not advancing. Despite an appreciation for talent and diversity, the representation of women dwindles at each level of leadership, causing a loss of talent, a lack of balance on the leadership team, discouragement among women, attrition, and poor public perception.

While many experts have explored the challenges of women in leadership, Morgan and Jay focus on solutions – what individuals and organizations can do to actually begin the transformation. The new advantage for companies who commit to balancing their leadership teams with talented women and men is that they will be well positioned to lead in the future.
In the last several years, while coaching executive women, they began to see a trend. Organizations wanted to advance women and were trying . . . but not succeeding. Even after significant investment in diversity initiatives, only 15% of the leaders in most fields are now women.

THE NEW ADVANTAGE shows business leaders how to take advantage of the full richness of their talent pools to improve their business, develop effective leadership, and become best places to work. Based on interviews with more than a hundred senior executives – both men and women – Morgan and Jay describe ways of breaking through to new levels of leadership. The authors call these breakthroughs the advantages: powerful ways women lead the way toward a better future.

Howard J. Morgan is a Managing Director of Leadership Research Institute and co-founder of 50 Top Coaches. He specializes in executive coaching as a strategic change management tool leading to improved customer / employee satisfaction and overall corporate performance.

Dr. Joelle Jay is a principal with the Leadership Research Institute, as well as an executive coach, keynote speaker, and the author of The Inner Edge: The Ten Practices of Personal Leadership. Joelle specializes in the advancement of executive women, and she is proud to have worked in a number of the most successful and most-admired companies to support the development of top talent into positions of leadership.

“At a time when the world clamors for genuine, trusted leadership, Joelle has delivered an invaluable guidebook for managing from the inside out.”
Stephen M. R. Covey

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