Just inspire or enable the experience? With TripPlanz Toolkit, you can do both.

Social media is the great enabler. We get to live vicariously through our friends that are at Wimbledon or those visiting the ruins of Tulum in Mexico or dining in a restaurant in a cave in Italy.

But what if you want to actually visit the place that you see online?   Until now, you had to do the research to find out where it is and then start the trip planning process.

Today, I was browsing through my timeline on Facebook, something that I don’t get a chance to do during the week.  I saw this amazing restaurant that was embedded into a cave on a beautiful body of water.  My immediate reaction?  I want to go THERE!

Grotta Palazzese

The post was done by a company called La Bioguia and it was in Spanish.  The caption read:

Un restaurante dentro de una cueva, Grotta Palazzese, en los acantilados de Polignano a Mare, provincia de Bari, Italia.

Thanks to embedded translation in Facebook, I saw that it was actually a restaurant inside a cave; grotta palazzese, in the cliffs polignano to mare, province of bari, Italy. 

If I were looking for a place to go on vacation and I was open to going to Europe, this would certainly be on my list.  So, I figure that if I feel that way, so do others.

And since I have just built a cool piece of technology that can trip-enable these kinds of posts, I do what I do.  I research the place, find the images and maps and build the link so that others that view this place can actually plan a trip to go there and find a hotel nearby.  

Voila!   Click on the image above and plan your trip to see this amazing place.

It took all of 3 minutes.  

 If you are a blogger or a media company and this kind of capability sounds interesting to you, we have built out a self-service capability for you to do this on your own.   And if you drive more than 10 hotel bookings in a month (or for an event), we will reward you by upgrading you to our PRO Partner program, where you will get a regular royalty check for bookings made through this unbiased, secure booking platform. 

Try it, you’ll like it.     http://www.tripplanz.com

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