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Kathy Kolbe- BUSINESS IS BUSINESS: Reality Checks for Family-Owned Companies

Kathy Kolbe- BUSINESS IS BUSINESS: Reality Checks for Family-Owned Companies

This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Kathy Kolbe. The original live interview was 2/17/17.

According to Harvard Business School professor John Davis, family-owned businesses (FOBs) account for approximately 66 percent of all businesses around the world, yet they provide 70 to 90 percent of the global GDP or productive results. They are much more productive than publicly financed corporations and they are also more likely to donate time and talent to philanthropic activities.

In their new book, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS: Reality Checks for Family-Owned Companies, award-winning advisors Kathy Kolbe and Amy Bruske provide a common-sense roadmap through the complex terrain of family businesses.

Kathy Kolbe is the global leader in discovering and accessing the power of human instincts. She has done the brain research to prove the relevance of her Kolbe Theory of Conation to individual and organizational success. Kolbe was the first person to connect conative behavior to instinctive drives, which she postulated as the source of the patterns of mental energy commonly known as a person’s MO.

Amy Bruske is the president of Kolbe Corp and leads seminars for business leaders throughout the world. She was recently named Business Owner of the Year by the Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Research at the Family Business Institute states that only 12 percent of FOBs make it to a third generation. A primary reason for this is that leaders usually pick and choose family members based on emotional need or wants rather than wise business selection practices. Placement is even worse. It is often sexist and ageist. Eldest sons get top jobs. Daughters rarely run departments that are driven by profit and loss statements. For these reasons and more, working with family complicates the already daunting task of owning a business, and it’s tough not to take work problems home . The best approach is to realize that family is family . . . and business is business.

Kolbe and Bruske hone decades of experience helping family businesses thrive – and running their own for more than 30 years – into practical, actionable advice for how to hire family members, how to work with them, and how – when necessary – to fire them. The solutions are not always easy, but understanding the frequent pitfalls of working with family is an investment that could pay back over generations. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS will show readers how to find joy while developing a sustainable family-owned company.

Kolbe and Bruske are both award-winning consultants and advisors to over 3,000 family-owned businesses, as well as to Fortune 500 companies, and both are also sought-after speakers. As mother and daughter, working together for more than two decades, they have personally experienced every situation discussed in BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Neither recalls a time when she wished she were working anywhere else.

Their website is http://kolbe.com/

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