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Liz Goodgold- How to Speak Gooder

Liz Goodgold- How to Speak Gooder: Brand-New Rules for Public Speaking in a Digitally Distracted World

Everything you know about speaking is wrong!

If you want to get noticed, get ahead, or get the business, you must throw out the old rules and embrace a new way of speaking. How to Speak Gooder is a rapid-fire plan for what works in today’s techno-centric and multi-tasking world. Liz dishes the dirt on delivering presentations that entertain and inform.

She shares her insider secrets on everything from harnessing your nervous energy to interacting with your audience to dealing with Q&A. In short, this is your guidebook to succeeding in front of a boardroom of 15 or a crowd of 500.

Liz is an author, coach, consultant, and motivational “speecher” who shares how to brand out, stand out, and cash in on your business. In fact, her clients typically boost their income by at least 40% after working with her!

In Liz’s trademarked cut-to-the-chase fashion, you master how to:
1. Start a speech the right way… and kick to the curb techniques that fail
2. Vary your pace, pitch, pause, and volume to keep your audience engaged
3. Craft a dynamic close that ends on a high note
4. Add “fun factors” and “cool quotients” to your talk
5. Inject the 13 new rules of speaking for today’s ADD world
6. Incorporate an interactive component so you talk with your audience vs. at your audience
7. Refine stories, examples, and case studies that maximize interest and recall
8. Perform “like-o-suction” so that you rid yourself of annoying like, uhms, and other speech bumps.

This fiery redhead has engaged audiences at Pfizer, Warner Brothers, Abbott Labs, Qualcomm, and over 150 other companies and associations. She is a former brand manager at Quaker Oats, Business editor at Times Mirror, and lowly book “schlepper” at Macmillan Publishing. She gives over 75 talks per year across the globe including Hawaii, Canada, and China.

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