Solutionz Live! on Influence – Maria T. Bailey – Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Maria T. Bailey @momtalkradio. The original live interview was 8/10/12.

Maria Bailey is the most respected voice on moms and for moms.  Unlike
other mom experts and spokespersons, she has studied the behaviors of
mothers for over a decade and is herself immersed in motherhood as a mom
of four.

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BSM Media founder and CEO, Maria Bailey is an
award-winning author, radio talk show host, nationally known speaker and
the foremost marketing authority on marketing to moms. Her newest book,
Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice,
offers a guide to engaging the Power Moms—influential mothers who help
spread the word about products and services—to drive sales to your
bottom line by creating a buzz online and offline.

Maria is
also the co-host of Mom Talk Radio, the first nationally syndicated
radio show for moms, Founder/CEO of, the award winning
Website for executive working mothers and the creator of Smart Mom
Solutions, a product line that offers solutions to everyday challenges
for busy moms.
Maria’s websites are
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