But Are You Making Any Money? Stop Being Busy and Start Creating Cash

Marley Majcher-But Are You Making Any Money?

Marley Majcher-But Are You Making Any Money? Stop Being Busy and Start Creating Cash

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Marley Majcher. The original live interview was 9/26/14.

Marley Majcher is the CEO of The Party Goddess!, a nationally acclaimed full-service event planning and catering company, and author of But Are You Making Any Money?, a witty and lauded business guide for entrepreneurs.

From understated elegance to rock star fabulous, Majcher is known for creating the most talked about parties of the year for a client list ranging from top-tier businesses to A-list celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan and Sofia Vergara, but she is quickly establishing herself as one of the best resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Majcher has championed her unique approach to events and inspired many to create lasting memories through her featured articles and interviews in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Us Weekly, People, Women’s Day, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine as well as multiple radio interviews including Martha Stewart’s Sirius Radio show.

Marley Majcher was predestined to be an entrepreneur. Marley started selling Shrinky Dinks door-to-door at the age of 4, created a doll “repair” (word repair used very loosely) business, sold plums out of the backyard and by 7 was washing the neighbors’ cars.

Her keen eye for chic trends and clever business techniques has made her a coveted speaker across the United States and around the globe, on subjects such as small business, entrepreneurship, all aspects of entertaining and her celebrated coaching programs. Majcher challenges entrepreneurs to not only think outside the box but to forget a box even exists.

Heralded as a must-read for any entrepreneur, Majcher’s book, But Are You Making Any Money?, simplifies – in a step-by-step process – the complicated aspects of running a lucrative business. Her profit technique and conversational style is what Forbes says, “makes you want to keep reading more.”

Marley’s website is http://theprofitgoddess.com/     To order the book click HERE

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Marley Majcher

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