Michael Sherlock

Michael Sherlock-Tell Me More

Michael Sherlock – Tell Me More

People will make the wrong decision.

People will not respond well.

I will lose my authority.

I will no longer be needed.

Nanette L. Steffenhagen review- “This book pertains to improving leadership skills by drilling down into issues using the “Tell me more” technique, which gets “all the cards on the playing table”. Using this fresh approach, the leader’s facilitation enables their direct-reports to figure out how to address various situations. The end result is that the subordinate gains confidence, ownership, and more buy-in with the resolution, which in turn benefits the leader. This technique could be used in any coaching capacity. The book is easy & enjoyable reading, which helps after a full day of work!”

JSC review-

“So many leadership books are dry and simply deliver their step-by-step bullets to success coupled with some analysis and a pile of statistics. Ms. Sherlock’s book differs in that it is fictionally set in a corporate sales organization with character types we’ve likely seen before in our own experiences. That familiarity makes it easy to relate to the characters she develops and helps us remember the points being made in each all-too-true situation. I found myself rooting for each as they explored better methods and earned the resulting victories.

The importance of positive relationship development and the resulting value when the topics suddenly get real (the book relates the story of denying promotion to 1 of 2 qualified internal candidates) are points well made in the book. I was reminded that honest, direct and genuine dialogue can transform a potentially negative situation into a positive. Leadership qualities like humility, fairness and empathy are displayed by the characters, as is the payback that can be gained from building such a culture and pushing that down from the senior management level.

Michael is an Author, Dynamic Speaker, Sales Coach, Executive Leader, and founder of  Sherlock Enterprises, LLC.

 An aspect of the story that resonated with me involves our desire to solve problems and execute solutions quickly, without giving enough thought to the development of each individual teammate. We all want a shorter task list and that can lead to implementing half-baked remedies. Pushing back the chair to truly understand the problem, then guiding the person facing it to come around to his or her own understanding of the problem builds confidence and achieves buy-in to the solution. While it may still be your solution, they have arrived at it on their own through the ‘tell me more’ discovery method.

Finally, the story deals with the issues of personal confidence and vulnerability that many leaders feel. Can I do it? Will my people listen? Can I get out from under my own shadow? It describes the necessary transition from executing everything directly to empowering people to find and execute their own solutions. As the saying goes, ‘many hands make the work seem light.’ This book gets right to that point.”

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