Musing from PhoCusWright – Life = Risk

I was just going through my mail at the end of a very long, terrific day at PhoCusWright. Over 1000 attendees, despite the grim economy. TONS of new players.

I missed the innovation day yesterday. My mail contained the list of finalists in the Center Stage 5 minutes of fame contest, culled down from the over 30 presenters.

Last year my technology firm, LeisureLogix won the 5 minutes of fame for our RoadTrip Wizard product (now known as RoadEscapes.com). Some would say (and for those that follow my former partner Timothy’s blog, he did say…) that we were a flash in the pan and way off the radar.

Those would be the ones that don’t know me very well……

I saw this video today and was not only inspired. I look forward to the day that our company name is inserted in an updated version!!

Life = Risk

Go for it! You can’t win sitting on the bench.

Chicke Fitzgerald