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Nancy Rae Evans- 21 Money Habits That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane: A Guidebook

Nancy Rae Evans- 21 Money Habits That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane: A Guidebook

This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Nancy Rae Evans. The original live interview was 2/3/17.

Are you stressed out by income fluctuations? Does keeping up with your bills feel like a game that’s stacked against you? If you’ve ever questioned your original decision to own a business, read this book!

Making more money is rarely the solution to our money challenges. The only lasting solution comes from applying new habits for managing money. In 21 Money Habits That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane, Nancy Rae Evans teaches us simple ways to get quick results, stabilize our cash flow, and protect ourselves for times when our income streams dry up. This is the stuff your accountant won’t tell you!

Nancy Rae Evans, Founder of Embracing Money, has over twenty years of experience helping business owners improve their cash flow.

While the 4-step process Nancy utilizes can be applied in any situation, it is especially beneficial if your income fluctuates– e.g. solopreneurs, real estate agents, seasonal sales cycles, etc.

Nancy is passionate about teaching sound money habits and practices to conscious business owners, coaches, and holistic practitioners so their business can thrive and their gifts transform the world.

In this empowering guidebook, you’ll learn easy-to-apply tips to:
• Improve your cash flow instantly
• Reduce your stress permanently
• Regain control of your finances
• Have more fun when you’re working
• Stop wondering if you should quit and look for a “real” job
• Get the IRS off your back once and for all
• Stop feeling like a fraud and a failure

Nancy Rae Evans, founder of, is fiercely committed to helping conscious business owners stabilize their cash flow so they may feel joyful and sane while running their businesses.

A self-proclaimed numbers geek, she herself struggled to stabilize fluctuating income when she first stepped into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. After years of frustration followed by research and diligent study to figure out the secrets of financial management on her own, she succeeded. She now shares the strategies she embraces. These keep her sane and financially stable in an ever-changing world.

Nancy Rae Evans, Certified Money Coach®, helps her clients develop a healthy and powerful relationship with money so they can create a life of meaning and purpose, personally and financially. Since 2010, Nancy has helped women women identify and understand what drives their behaviors, decisions and emotions around money. Knowing that, they’ve learned to save their money, get out of debt, and create spending plans that enable them to expand the vision for their life and achieve financial peace.

Before launching her business Embracing Money, she spent 17 years guiding people through the tricky process of home financing and helping business owners manage their receivables and payroll. Nancy fervently believes that exploring and revising your relationship with money is the key to living a fully expressed, desire-driven, empowered life!

She is also trained as a Mastery Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method from HolisticMBA, a Certified Financial Recovery Coach from the Financial Recovery Institute, as well as a Financial Health Counselor from the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.

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