CHRIS WESTFALL – Leadership Language

I am Chris Westfall and I am a Game Changer "Chris delivers breakthrough communications strategies that can change the conversation and change your results."   If you need a speaker or an MC for your next event, give Chris a call.   Chris speaks with great authority on the topic of leadership and with good [...]


PERRY YEATMAN TO LEAD THE SOUNDING BOARD  An innovative answer to board resourcing, created by the Game Changer Network April 10, 2019, Tampa, Florida.  The Game Changer Network, Inc. ­announced today the appointment of Perry Yeatman to lead its new platform designed to give start-up companies faster, more cost-effective, dynamic access to the specific senior talent [...]

BRIAN SOLIS – Lifescale

I am Brian Solis and I am a Game Changer "Brian's books are a tactile experience and a joy to consume.  This one is no exception.  It provides a roadmap to break free from distractions, focus, spark creativity and unlock new possibilities."   Listen to Brian's TED talk on "The End of Business as Usual".  [...]

JOHN LIVESAY – Better Selling through Storytelling

I am John Livesay and I am a Game Changer "John can absolutely deliver on the promise to make even the most reluctant sales person into a revenue rockstar."   Learn John's backstory through his TedX talk.  If you need a speaker or an MC for your next event, give John a call.   Invest [...]

JUDY ROBINETT – Crack the Funding Code (2 part interview)

I am Judy Robinett and I am a Game Changer "Judy is a master of taking what can be a very complex, intimidating topic and distilling it down into consumable, practical advice.   She can help you understand how to leverage grit and generosity, coupled with curiosity and abundance to achieve your goals."   Judy not [...]


I am Jeffrey Hayzlett and I am a Game Changer "Jeffrey shares his lifelong learning about leadership in his new book.  He teaches us the components of the hero factor, and provides tools for his readers to measure where they are on the hero scale."   Learn about how to Think Big and Act Bigger.  [...]

ED DARACK – War Moments (two part interview)

I am Ed Darack and I am a Game Changer "I use photographs to tell a story from a unique vantage point.  I bring my skills to bear on the challenge of helping people to understand what life is like in War Moments. "   Get to know Ed and if you need a speaker [...]

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The Game Changer Network Streamlines Networking

TAMPA BASED INNOVATORS CREATE A STREAMLINED NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSY EXECS AND ENTREPRENEURS The Game Changer Network Is A Leading “Invitation Only” Global Executive Network  Building Real Community   Tampa, FL – January 22, 2019 – In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged and apathetic, BIZCATALYST 360° and the Game Changer Network [...]

BRANDON BORNANCIN – Sales Secrets from the Top 1%

From the CEO of comes a book that will change the way you think about selling – featuring 50+ top sales leaders.   Most salespeople do not achieve extraordinary results. Those that do all have one thing in common:  A collection of secret strategies, philosophies and frameworks they use every day to find and close […]