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Landi Jac- The Prosperity Code For Independent Consultants

Landi Jac- The Prosperity Code For Independent Consultants: The Ultimate Power Plan For Those Who Sell Their Advice And Want To Access Greatness, Wealth And Freedom …

With the most extraordinary life story, extensive experience in consulting and travel to more countries than most; Landi Jac has acquired the business wisdom and life experience that allows her to be highly selective about who she works with.

“There are more similarities than differences in the way we do business across borders. If you are an independent consultant, you can either allow massive mind blocks to keep you from the most amazing life experiences; or take action towards prosperity and your own personal freedom. Once upon a time I ran a consulting firm like you – I was local, stuck and could only admire other people’s success. I then met the right people, by no coincidence – and saw a massive window of opportunity to me to stretch my idea of who I am.

Now I consult with the most incredible business leaders. I speak on stages all over the world. I see people’s lives turn prosperous right in front of my eyes. You can do this too. But only if you make a decision to evolve…”.

The Prosperity Code: For independent Consultants is the book you need if you are seeking forward thinking business formulas and a solution-orientated mind-set, written with the know-how and years of experience from one of the best master consultants around.

Landi Jac’s experience and wealth of knowledge is used to best effect here, as she strives to help independent consultants make the most of their in-built drive and enthusiasm, to build their business models and invite prosperity into their lives.

Written in an easy-to-follow style, packed with humour and expertise, The Prosperity Code: For independent Consultants delivers the code which many independent consultants use to plan their route to the top, accelerating their businesses to success.

In 5 chapters, packed with essential, quality advice, you’ll soon be armed with everything you need to thrive.

And at the conclusion of the book you’ll also find Landi’s free diagnostic tool, which will help you to identify matters in your consulting business which can be removed if you really want that life of affluence and independence.

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