Not sure we can beat the intrigue of the AA/GDS debates, but this show will try



I don’t know about you, but I’m a little weary of the drama and intrigue of the current AA/GDS debates, so I thought I’d take a lighthearted stab at blogging about another kind of drama.  AA announced to its customers today that they have extended the deadline on their content agreement “well into 2012” with Sabre.  So let’s look at a little historical drama instead.

Pan Am Series on ABC; Behind the Scenes of the Drama

Drama returns us to the glamor, excitement and intrigue of    the Jet Age

ABC Sundays 10PM EST (Date TBA)
Following Desperate Housewives

Excitement is in the air over ABC’s announcement that it has picked up the new “Pan Am” drama series for its upcoming 2011/12 season. This ultra glossy, super-sexy soap focuses on the fascinating lives of globetrotting, golden-era pilots and stewardesses as they represented Pan American World Airways, recognized as the US flag carrier of the era.

What provides the most intrigue is a look into the double-lives being led by many of the “people of Pan Am”. From international spies to mistresses of foreign heads of state ; layovers were being used for much more than just rest and relaxation.


The pilot  of the series was shot on location in New York and the aircraft scenes were filmed on-board actual period aircraft which were painted in original Pan Am colors. Amazing realism will allow us to experience all of the excitement and fanfare that came with the arrival of the first jets. The Boeing 707′s made it possible for people to travel faster and farther than ever before; allowing more time for mischief at the final destination.



OK, how many of you worked for Pan Am??? Are your stories safe?

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Pan Am was one of Sabre’s first Direct Connects.

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