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Michele Howe- Burden Lifters

Christine Bader- When Girl Meets Oil

Jane Jenkins Herlong-Bury Me With My Pearls

Dr. Mollie Marti

Dr. Mollie Marti-Walking With Justice

Barbara Weaver Smith

Barbara Weaver Smith-Riding the Whale

Karen Hough-Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever

Linda Ellis-Live Your Dash

Diane Sieg- 30 Days To Grace

Jan Yager

Dr. Jan Yager-Friendshifts: The Power of Friendships

Porter Gale-Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Rose Fass-The Chocolate Conversation

Robyn Benincasa – How Winning Works

Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi-Get Absolutely Anything You Want

Chris Chopyak-Picture Your Business Strategy

Brett Blumenthal

Brett Blumenthal-A Whole New You

Panera Cares-Dignified Dining For The Hungry

Sally Helgesen-The Female Vision

Jennifer Tuma-Young-Balance Your Life, Balance The Scale

Dayna Steele-101 Ways To Rock Your World

Dondi Scumaci- A Softer Strength

Karen Wright

Karen Wright-The Complete Executive

Michele Howe-One Size Fits All

Debra Kaye-Red Thread Thinking

Reyna Grande-The Distance Between Us

Ekaterina Walter-Think Like Zuck

Kathy Sidell-When I Met Food

Crowley & Elster-Mean Girls At Work

Luna Jaffe-Wild Money

Bill & Hillary:The Politics of the Personal

Crowley & Elster-Mean Girls At Work

Kendra Lee-The Sales Magnet

Laura Bell-Claiming Ground: A Memoir

Joan Wright-UP-Pursuing Significance

Kelly McDonald-Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

Martha Heller

Martha Heller-The CIO Paradox

jill Flynn & Mary Davis Holt-Break Your Own Rules

Margaret May Damen-Women, Wealth & Giving

Molly Wendell-The New Job Search

Shaunti Feldhahn-For Women Only | The Male Factor

Erika Andersen

Erika Andersen-Leading So People Will Follow

Susan Spencer-Briefcase Essential

Heidi Grant Halvorson-SUCCEED

Sondra Shaw-Hardy & Martha Taylor-Women & Philanthropy

Maria Gamb-Healing The Corporate World

Gloria Feldt-NO EXCUSES

Edie Weiner-FutureThink

Wendy Weiss-The Sales Winner’s Handbook

Joanna Barsh-How Remarkable Women Lead

Whitney Johnson-Dare, Dream, Do

Susan Bulkeley Butler-Women Count

Selena Rezvani-PUSHBACK

Maria T. Bailey-Power Moms

Maribeth Kuzmeski-And The Clients Went Wild!

Barbara Corcoran-Shark Tales

LouAnn Lofton-Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl

Deborah Kolb-Her Place At The Table

Holly Green-Innovation

Stephanie Staples-When Enlightening Strikes

Kristin S. Kaufman-Is This Seat Taken?

Frances Hesselbein-My Life In Leadership

Kathleen Ameche-The Woman Road Warrior

Gina Lemos- Resources to Empower Entrepreneurs & Leaders- What If You Gave Instead Of Got?

Jeanne Bliss-I Love You More Than My Dog

Jane Pollak-Soul Proprietor

Kathy Condon-Face To Face Networking

Yeatman/Berdan-Get Ahead By Going Abroa

Fawn Germer-PEARLS

Vickie Milazzo-Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman

Nice Girls Just Don’t Get it

Carrie Wilkerson-The Barefoot Executive

Connie Dieken-Talk Less, Say More

Putting The Luxe Back In Luxury

The Skinny Rules

Jeanne C. Meister-The 2020 Workplace

Connie Dieken-Talk Less, Say More


Mentoring Heroes

It’s Always Personal

Angie Morgan-Leading From The Front

Zero Gimmick Weight Loss

Managing The Unmanageable

The Beauty Blueprint

Becoming Ginger Rogers

Primetime Women

The Improvisation Edge

How To Market To People Not Like You

The Ultimate Secret for Business

Honesty Sells


The 24 Hr. Customer



What I Learned About Life

Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office

Let Go To Grow

Wander Woman

Think Like An Entrepreneur

A woman’s Path To Inner Beauty

Power Tools For Women

In Between Successes-Hired! & The Image of Success

The Triangle of Truth

Birthing The Elephant

18 Holes for Leadership

Social Media Success Made Possible

Birthing The Elephant

True Leaders

Actress To Agent-Entrepreneur

Sane, Slim & Gorgeous

The Purpose Linked Organization

Ready, Set….Grow!

Rebel Brown-Defy Gravity

The Seven Minute Difference

Entrepreneural Series with Plumlife

148 Ways to Advertise Your Business

This is Not The Career I Ordered

Super Competent

Whale Hunting

Being Strategic



A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating

Iron Butterflies

Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke

Cary Broussard-From Cinderella to CEO

Atta Girl!

Worried Sick

Girls Getaway Guide

It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Wanted To Be


Work Less, Do More

Shelly Rachanow

What Would You Do If You Ran The World?

Working With You is Killing Me

Get Real and Stop Dieting

The Work At Home Success Bible

A Happy You

Creating Your Best Life

The Connected and Committed Leader

Energize Growth Now

Sales & Marketing for the Kennedy Space Center


Hitting Our Stride

What’s Your MBA IQ?

Experian Hitwise

Yes You Can!

Google-Head of Travel

BlogHer-Life Well Said


World Footprints

Your Idea, Inc.

Nice Girls Do Get The Sale

Nice Girls Do Get The Sale

The Story Factor

Rock To The Top

Sherre DeMao-Me, Myself & Inc.

Henry Harteveldt

Forrester Research 2010 Trends

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