On Reinvention

For those that know me, you likely already know that I’m in the midst of what I call “near total reinvention”. While I still have a passion for travel distribution, nearly every minute of every day I am now consumed with the launch of my new social broadcasting network and media company.

I still do strategic consulting in the travel industry and still run the Executive Girlfriends’ Group for the Executive women of the industry, but also host 8 regular radio shows per week on blogtalkradio.com/solutionzlive. I also do 9 special programs per month for those in transition, also on blogtalkradio.com/resumelive.

So if you’ve followed this blog and wondered why I’ve been silent, that is it in a nutshell.

Once things are cooking along smoothly for Solutionz Live!, I’ll get back to blogging about marrying buyers and sellers!

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