The other side of the distribution story: The Case of the New Cookie

When I first saw the promotion for this video, I thought it would be about “cookies” as we know and love them in the browser sense of the word.

But turns out it is about the fattening kind.  Upscale cream cookies that require refrigeration and the distribution company’s trucks that can’t accommodate their distribution for the cookie company. 

It is a metaphor, not unlike mine from last week about manufacturers, warehouses, trucks and retailers, using the cookie instead of airline seats.   This was produced for Open Axis, the relatively new standards body created by airlines for airlines.  Jim Young, former executive of Frontier and best known for his days at Continental, is the Executive Director of Open Axis.  You will recognize the narrator of this tale as Jim Davidson, Farelogix CEO, who presents a very compelling argument against the status quo. 

While I do love refrigerated cream cookies, I must admit I still have a tough time seeing the window seat that I was able to reserve as a part of my airline ticket purchase for years as something quite as yummy as a new type of cookie, but I do understand the analogy.  Your thoughts?

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  1. Great Video and analogy. I have been loving your blogs! You have been burning the midnight oil; the one thing more expensive than Jet fuel! 🙂

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