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I am Pauline Weger and I am a Game Changer

“Pauline delivers uncommon wisdom for inspiring leaders – designed to make you think.  Now that is a game changer!”


Pauline is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and to women young and old. She is a thought leader that is determined to raise up a new generation of young women to follow in her footsteps.

Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald

Grit & Grace is a collection of quotes, stories and sage advice from female trailblazers, creatively designed to inspire modern-day leaders. 
Powerful words from groundbreakers like Marie Curie and Susan B. Anthony have moved and motivated us for generations. Today, many more women and girls are leading the way across all walks of life. From the authors of the breakout inspirational book Beautifully Said comes Grit & Gracea showcase of the brilliant minds, innovative careers, and fascinating backstories of female leaders. You’ll find world-famous and less-visible changemakers, including Nobel winners, CEOs and pop stars…plus, an artisan ice cream maker, police chief, bishop, orchestra conductor and cruise ship captain.

Grit & Grace
 is the perfect companion for dreaming up fresh possibilities and translating vision into action. Its pages pair sourced quotations with the uncommon stories of a host of remarkable women, readying today’s leaders to imagine new futures. Plus, it’s stylishly designed so readers can creatively share what inspires them. The book makes a meaningful gift for sisters, daughters, friends, teammates, teachers, colleagues, newly minted grads, and the other dreamers and doers in your life.

Quotabelle creates smart, distinctive products designed to introduce more female role models to the world; from family rooms to classrooms, offices to boardrooms, studios to sports fields, in print and online.

This female-powered startup is solving a quote supply problem uncovered through research…that less than 15% of quotes shared every day are by women and girls. Most quotations are unsourced; many are misattributed. Often words shared have been written or said by the same visible few. The solution? Quotabelle’s creative storytellers use carefully sourced quotations as entrées to discovering true stories. Quotabelle is adding missing voices back into history and ensuring today’s remarkable women and girls aren’t overlooked going forward.

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About Chicke Fitzgerald and the Game Changer

Chicke Fitzgerald is the CEO and founder of Solutionz Innovations, LLC and The Game Changer Network, Inc.   The Game Changer Network provides authors with a platform to tell their story about how they are changing the game in their world.  The show just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Chicke has interviewed over 300 authors, celebrities and experts.

She is also the author of the Game Changer, a business fable about transformational business design.

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