PERRY YEATMAN – Get ahead by going abroad, with Stacie Berdan


I am Perry Yeatman and I am a Game Changer

“Perry helps women move up quickly, meet life on their own terms and have a good time as they are exploring opportunities abroad .

“Perry is an amazing storyteller and such an accomplished global executive.  I found myself getting a tad jealous of what she had accomplished in  her international assignments, but will definitely pass this on to my daughter!”

Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald

As companies expand their international operations, smart women who are prepared to pursue opportunities overseas can dramatically accelerate their careers, enjoying high-profile projects, bigger promotions, and impressive financial rewards.

Get Ahead by Going Abroad is the go-to resource that reveals how women, single or married, can leverage this trend to showcase their skills and move up quickly on their own terms. Written by two women who did so with huge success, the book is packed with candid, instructive anecdotes and examples from their own and others’ experiences, and step-by-step guidance for securing and succeeding in an international position. Yeatman and Berdan show how women at every level can benefit from an overseas posting: young professionals seeking to break out from the pack, mid-career women interested in new challenges with increased responsibility, or senior executives in pursuit of positions in executive management. Get Ahead by Going Abroad helps you get further, faster—and have fun along the way. It gives you the strategies to land the assignment, thrive in the job, and enjoy the lifestyle abroad.

Enjoy the interview with Perry and Stacie

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About Perry Yeatman

During the past 30 years, I’ve built the career and life of my dreams. I’ve worked with world leaders from Margaret Thatcher to George H. W. Bush to Bill Clinton.  I’ve been a senior executive at two of the world’s largest companies, Unilever and Kraft Foods.  I’ve led transformational projects, from supporting Russia’s privatization and economic reform, to launching the new $100 bill for the US Treasury, to developing the World Economic Forum’s New (sustainable) Vision for Agriculture. And in doing so, I literally got paid to travel the world, including stints living in Singapore, Moscow and London.  And I did it all without having to give up being a wife and mother.  I then took all of those experiences and published an award-winning book called Get Ahead by Going Abroad to help others do the same.

Now I’ve parlayed those successes into my new dream – a life that lets me simultaneously lead my own business and my 12 year old daughter’s girl scout troop – mostly from my home office overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

I consider myself very lucky.  But it wasn’t just luck that enabled me to have the career and life of my dreams. Focus, determination, hard work, sacrifices and the generous support of others were also required in large measures.

What I’ve learned in those 30+ years of working is that there is no magic bullet and no one-size-fits-all answer. But I’m confident that if a woman like me from a small town in Pennsylvania can end up circling the globe, making a difference and being well paid for doing so, you can too! You’ll never get everything you want at the same time, but with a little help from time to time, you can have the career and life of your dreams!

About Chicke Fitzgerald and the Game Changer

Chicke Fitzgerald is the CEO and founder of Solutionz Innovations, LLC and The Game Changer Network, Inc.   The Game Changer Network provides authors with a platform to tell their story about how they are changing the game in their world.  The show just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Chicke has interviewed over 300 authors, celebrities and experts.

She is also the author of the Game Changer, a business fable about transformational business design.

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