A number of years ago, I was working with a major travel industry conference and facilitated the Jones brothers Dewitt Jones​ and Terrell Jones​ as “bookends”, opening and closing the conference. It was a raging success.

I had known Terry for decades and knew he was an amazing, engaging speaker, but I wasn’t really familiar with Dewitt. If you have never heard him speak, he is masterful at talking about perspective.

After the conference, they sent me a gift of thanks. Terry, knowing me well, sent wonderful wine. Dewitt sent me this picture. Some of you may see the loss of the beautiful, yellow dandelion, which while it is a weed, it is still a reminder of the sun. And the flower in full bloom may even make you smile.

But others may have Dewitt’s perspective, which is about finding beauty in absolutely everything, even the dandelion in its state that you see here. About to blow away with a stiff wind, with the sun at its back, this perspective never fails to lift my mood. It reminds me of childhood where we would pick it and blow it and watch the fronds blow into the wind.

I have this photograph in my office to remind me to always see things from many angles. That is important as a parent, as a CEO, as a consultant and even as wife, sister and friend. And yes, even as a voter and citizen of this amazing country.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller

Focus on beauty today. If you don’t subscribe to Dewitt’s blog, do yourself a favor.
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