Product Management Mischief – Dare to differentiate

In a world of commoditized products and services, it is important to set yourself apart.  While this example is extreme, each time you see one of these little cars in the future, I guarantee you that this one will stick in your mind.

I encourage you to dare to differentiate.    Here are some steps that you can take:

  1. Determine what will set you apart, gathering information from your sales and service front line 
  2. Talk to your customers, as it is important to get their input on your ideas
  3. Don’t forget to talk to lost customers and to your prospects
  4. If you are going to charge for the product, test the willingness to pay (focus groups are a good way to do this)
  5. Map out your rollout plan, including both the PR and the implementation and support plans
Don’t forget to “toot your horn” as you come out with the new product!    

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