ideas can come from anywhere. Inspiration is funny that way. And we
have all seen the viral ideas that just seem to take off, as if by

Sometimes you just know in your bones that you have built
the most amazing thing and that once you release your product, everyone
(and I do mean everyone) will go wild and share it with the world.

your business plan shows your unique visitors growing by leaps and
bounds, reflecting how amazing your product is and how it will be
received. You just know that you know.

That is product mischief at its finest.

the way, if you look in the mirror and you see Kevin Costner, grab a
Snickers bar quickly, because this is not Field of Dreams.

I am
the last person to discourage innovation and enthusiasm. I’m working on a
pretty amazing product myself (stay tuned). But I also know that if I
am going to have a revenue line on my model that depends on traffic, I
had better also have an expense line for marketing spending that
produces results.

Find a great UX and SEO partner and get some
great advice on driving traffic from people that understand your
industry. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you need some help, don’t forget to call.

Chicke Fitzgerald