Project 85 gaining momentum

Solutionz and Mandala Research have launched a syndicated study of the drive market.

What is the drive market?  
There are over 1 billion overnight trips taken annually in the US and over 85% of them are by car, motorcycle, RV, truck or van.  Hence the name Project 85.

This holiday weekend, AAA reports that over  94% of all travel will be from those that are driving.

Why is it significant?
In addition to representing 85% of all overnight trips, according to the US Travel Association, it also represents 78% of the $485 billion in travel spending.

Doesn’t the travel industry serve this market today?
Almost all technology in the travel industry is focused on the questions that one asks when you are flying to your destination – WHERE are you going and WHEN will you arrive?   This is not the complete dialogue that is needed with the drive market.

Who is sponsoring the Project 85 Study?  
AARP, ASTA, Avis Budget Group, AOL, Wyndham Hotel Group, Travel Guard, Experian Hitwise, WCities, the American Association of Museums and the Destination and Travel Foundation (USTA and DMAI).

For more information, download the complementary white paper, Dare to Differentiate.

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