Real Life Renovations, International Medical Corps/Kids for Humanity, and Intellectual Gumbo- an interview with Phil & Amy Parham, Fordson High School, c, and Chris Bradshaw on Solutionz Live!

Solutionz Live! focuses on providing solutions for real life business and personal challenges for executives and entrepreneurs. The show is hosted by author, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, Chicke Fitzgerald, live from sunny Tampa, Florida. This channel also includes the audio recordings from the Executive Girlfriends Group, Transition Solutionz and Word of Mouth Media.  The original live interview was on 4/9/09.

-Real Life Renovations with Phil and Amy Parham

-Kids for Humanity Part 1 – Fordson High School raises $40k for Gaza

-Kids for Humanity Part 2 – Intl Medical Corps Country Director of Jordan, Chris Skopec on how the funds were used in Gaza

-Intellectual Gumbo with Chris Bradshaw

To listen to the show click HERE

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