Sam Horn

Sam Horn- Year By The Water

Sam Horn- Year by the Water

What if you played hooky for a day?  What would you do?  Where would you go?

After her 20-something son told Sam Horn, “You’ve created a life where you can do anything you want and you’re not taking advantage of it,” she realized he was right and there was no present like the time – and no time like the present – to take her business on the road and combine her work and recreation in a YEAR BY THE WATER.

What she experienced along the way disrupted everything she thought she knew about responsibility and the value of  “hard work.”  Many of us are taking responsibility to an extreme by working ourselves to death and taking care of everyone else but our self.

Paulo Coelho says, “One day, you’re going to wake up and there won’t be any time left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.”  What have you always wanted to do? Are you waiting until you retire? Until bills are paid and the kids go off to college?  Until you have more time, money or freedom? What if that never happens?

The good news is, you don’t have to quit your job, win the lottery, take off on a road trip or walk away from your responsibilities to lead a life you love.  All you have to do is get crystal clear about what matters to YOU and start bringing more of that into your work, career, relationships and life.  

Sam is founder, and CEO of the INTRIGUE AGENCY- http://www.intrigueagency.com/ helps people create respectful, collaborative, compelling, one-of-a-kind communications and projects that scale their income and positive influence – for good.

This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Sam Horn. The original live interview was on 3.31.17.

One of Sam’s saddest discoveries in her travels was how many people are putting off what they really want to do because they’re so busy taking care of others. As she’ll share in our program, it’s not SELFISH to do what makes you happy; it’s SMART. Fun is not indulgent or frivolous; it’s an investment in a physically and mentally healthy future. 

You’ll love Sam’s thought-provoking quiz, put-you-in-the-scene adventures, innovative suggestions and inspiring success stories on how to create the quality of life you want now, not someday. You’ll never regret figuring out what puts the light on in your eyes and integrating that into your busy life;  you’ll only regret not doing it …sooner.  

Sam Horn, is the Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker and communications strategist who has coached the world’s top entrepreneurs and executives.

Sam Horn is on a mission to help people connect via quality, one-of-a-kind communications and projects that produce results and add value for all involved. Her work – including a TEDx talk on INTRIGUE with 205,000 views and books Tongue Fu!, POP!, ConZentrate, What’s Holding You Back? and Washington Post bestseller “Got Your Attention?” – has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, INC and on NPR, MSNCBC. An inspiring speaker, Sam has worked with international clients as diverse as SXSW, National Geographic, Accenture, Cisco, Boeing, Intel, NASA, Asian Leadership Conference, Capital One., U.S. Embassy in London, EON in Berlin and Geneva, and Direct Sales Marketing Assn. in Beijing. As a Pitch Coach ( for Springboard Enterprises which has helped entrepreneurs receive $6.6 billion in funding , and for British Airways Face2Face competition); Sam consults w/ clients to create High -ROI decks that close deals (e.g., one client received $250 M from Carlos Slim, richest in world.

As 17-time Emcee and former Executive Director of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference, Sam has helped hundreds of people produce breakout books that scaled their impact and income. Sam has been called brilliant for her ability to connect dots no one else sees and to introduce original approaches audiences and clients can use immediately to produce real-world results.

Sam’s websites are  http://samhorn.com/, http://serendestiny.com/  and http://www.intrigueagency.com/

This show is a preview- Sam’s book will be published in 2018.



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