SAP Acquisition of Concur for $8.3b

OK, that is BILLION with a B.   If you would like to read the full story about this acquisition, you can click HERE

“The acquisition of Concur is consistent with our
relentless focus on the business network,” SAP CEO Bill McDermott said in
a statement. “We are making a bold move to innovate the future of business
within and between companies.”

Bravo to Concur CEO Steve Singh and his team.  Scaling globally is a terrific goal and now you definitely have the platform and the funding to make your vision work.

So I am now going to take a huge leap.   Mr. McDermott and Mr. Singh, if a company that caters to the 33% of business travelers that fly is worth $8.3 billion, what do you suppose that a company that caters to the 67% of business travelers that drive is worth?

If you want to innovate the future of business within and between
companies, I would love to talk to you. 

67% of the corporate travel market is NOT served
at all.  The first time that this travel shows up on the radar is in the expense report.  

So much negotiating power is lost.  So much revenue and opportunity left on the table by the travel industry.

Dare to Differentiate

Just sayin…..

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