Seth Greene – Push Button Profits

Seth Greene – Push Button Profits

Create a Passive Revenue Stream in Less than 90 Days

Seth provides practical steps to create a passive revenue stream in less than 90 days with your product or service business.

Seth has a gift and he is anxious to share it with everyone that he meets.  You will want to know him. He is a force multiplier.

Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald

Interview of Seth Greene by Chicke Fitzgerald of the Game Changer Network

Create a Passive Revenue Stream in Less than 90 Days

What if you never again had to waste time and money, trying to figure out how to create your own passive income stream?
What if you could have pure passive income, and you could watch it increase every single month?
Better yet, what if you could set up a business that is 100% run by your team, with no work on your part?

Author of eight best-selling books, Seth Greene introduces proven strategies to teach you how to set up a profitable, passive income stream. You’ll learn how you can create something once – and get paid on it without additional effort. Through examples and brief case studies, Seth explains in his book exactly how it works for you.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The REAL purpose of the first sale
  • The secrets to generating your passive revenue
  • The three systems you’ll need to create a business that is 100% run by your team, with no work on your part
  • The alternative to maxing out your work hours, unable to take on more clients or customers (you physically can only work so many hours)
  • The secret to making sales before the customer even gets to the actual core offer
  • How to counteract the natural attrition process in your business (and keep growing)
  • Why leads are the magic and lifeblood of your business (which lead generation system method might work best for you, and how to easily get leads)
  • The secret to creating a list you can use until the end of time (or until they say stop)
  • How to save the 80-90% of the traffic that may not buy your core offer the first time (they buy, or they go away, never to be seen again), because normally, you only have one shot at a sale…
  • The secret to the type of marketing that pays for itself
  • How, if you do this the right way, you will have a profitable, passive revenue in less than 90 days
  • The difference between a ‘compiled’ vs. a ‘response’ list (and what they’re used for)
  • How, every single month, you can literally have a new business built for you that generates passive revenue
  • How you can have a cult of evangelists who grow your business for you, every week, for a year
  • Have you ever wondered how the average millionaire is able to have seven streams of income? Nope, they’re not working seven jobs. They’re busy setting up businesses that will drive solid profit streams, making money while they sleep.

Growing a passive income IS possible for you, and you can create more than one profit stream. You can truly ship your product, and have no credit card charge-backs or processing fees. You’ll be learning what you need to know so you can set up a business that is 100% run by your team, with no work on your part.…=thegamechange-20

Enjoy the interview with Seth Greene

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Show Transcript

Push Button Profits – Create a Passive Revenue Stream in Less than 90 Days

Good morning. This is Chicke Fitzgerald.

We have a very special edition of our show today we’re recording kind of out of our schedule. But we have got an amazing guest for you today, Seth Green.

Seth and I met, gosh, almost two years ago on a network that I participated in about doing strategic alliances with others. And he was one of the individuals on that group that just so intrigued me.

When I saw that he had a new book out, I gave him a call. And he graciously agreed to meet with us today. And that book is called push button profits. Seth, welcome. Thank you so much.
Chicke it is an honor to be here. And I know that my staff reached out to you right away after the event that we originally met at because obviously I was intrigued by what you’re doing.
Well, as I had mentioned to you, as we were getting ready for this show today, I’ve actually been producing this show for 15 years.  I was podcasting before it was called podcasting. I called it a radio show back then. And my show was originally launched on BlogTalkRadio, which was really a great platform for individuals who didn’t have any technical expertise, because you really didn’t have to do anything. But what that platform did that caused me to ultimately leave that platform is they just like a regular radio broadcast, they when you have a hard stop at the bottom of the hour, the show ends. And I had a bit of a disaster with a client that I was doing a paid radio show for. So anyway, I have been producing my own shows since then.
But as I had also mentioned to you, this is not something that I monetize. So I have been looking at a lot of different things. And that’s how I stumbled on your current book.
I would love to hear the background. First of all, let’s go to your background. Because if our listeners don’t know anything about you, let’s talk about your backstory. You can start that any place you’d like.

Okay, I’ll try and do the shortest version possible in the interest of time. So I started out as a college financial aid planner at how to find money for where we cut the cost of college tuition $19,077 per year per child, learning how to market that business led me to legendary marketing guru Dan Kennedy went down that rabbit hole borrowed more than my new mortgage. At the time, the first house my wife and I had bought to work with Dan, that quadrupled my business in two years got me to the top 30 nationwide for opening new accounts as a financial planner that was before the internet. That was a you know, a couple decades ago, that was all direct mail and print advertising of my phone I got written about in three best selling books for financial advisors and both trade journals. My phone started ringing off the hook with advisor saying how do I do what you did, Dan told me to start a marketing company and do it for him, which I did. 15 years ago, we started out in direct mail and print advertising. And obviously over the last 15 years, I’ve added email, social media podcasts and just about every other form of communication known to mankind.

Well, Seth, we want to talk today about some of the specific tactics that you have deployed. And I know it’s things that you’ve been doing for a long time. Let’s start with some definitions. You talk about a term that to digital marketers is you know, an everyday term but to our listeners, perhaps they’ve never heard about it. It’s retargeting.

Sure. So if all of your listeners and viewers have experienced that, they may not just be aware of it, if you’ve ever gone to Amazon, and you’ve looked at something and not bought it. And then you go to or ESPN, and you’re checking the sports scores. And magically, there is an advertisement for the thing you were just looking at from Amazon. That is called retargeting, or, you know, the last affectionate word would be cyber stalking. And all it takes is a simple bit of code that anybody can get in place on your website. And then anytime that you get a visitor to your website, who doesn’t do what you want, who doesn’t opt in or who doesn’t buy, you can affectionately follow them around the internet and show them retargeting ads to get them to come back.
Right right. So are those as effective today as they have been in the past? Or is that diminishing?

Is it increasing? Well, obviously Facebook and Apple have made that a lot more difficult these days, you can still retarget it’s just going to be a lot more challenging to retarget them on their mobile device, which those changes along with the ever more strict growing privacy rules are part of the reasons why we started push button profits in the first place so that we could make our members money without having to worry about Facebook and Google censorship or Facebook and Apple’s rule changes, you can still retarget people, it just cost more to do it. And it’s less effective, but it still works better than only targeting them once and then ignoring that.

Got it. Seth, let’s back up just a little bit. Who did you write this book for? Is this for people who are in the b2c space? Or is it for b2b marketers?

First of all, it’s an e book, it’s 22 pages, it’s really short. It’s designed specifically, you can read it in, you know, 20-30 minutes. And it’s designed to educate you on how we created what this push, but how to how to have a business that runs without you, and literally just spins off passive revenue every month and how we’re doing that as well. It’s written for entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter if your business to business or business to consumer, because the methods that we teach in the e book apply, regardless of who your target market is.


Got it.  Well, you mentioned a really good point that it looks from the outside, like the people who do this, well are working 280 hours a week, right. And we all know that that’s not possible. And I don’t have a staff that can do all of that. So it’s really left to me.

So I always love the things where I can make money while I sleep. In fact, that’s, that’s the whole foundation for my tech company, which is is the core of what I do.

That’s awesome. Congratulations on that. And that is exactly why I wrote push button profits, so that in a short ebook, you can learn the principles behind how to make a bet how to take your business that you have now, make it run without you so that you don’t have to work in it all day, every day. And it could literally become a source of passive revenue. And we’re teaching you how we’re doing it. So if you want to participate in our multiple streams of passive revenue every month, you can do that as well. Again, this isn’t network marketing, there’s no recruiting, there’s no downline, there’s no selling, it’s literally having a business that runs without you, whether that’s your business, or if you want to participate in other businesses that run without their owners.
Got it. So you begin with talking about lead generation.

And you know, again, we’ve all seen this, if we haven’t done it ourselves, you know where someone gives you. Maybe it’s a post on LinkedIn that is interesting. And they give you a document that you can download and in order to download it, you know, you have to put in your your personal information. So do you have a favorite way to recommend that people do that obviously, if you’ve set up your own company to do this, on behalf of others, you’re using tools internally. To do that. It depends on the target market you’re going after. So there’s we’re talking about two different things we’re talking about where that lead generation marketing campaign should happen. LinkedIn obviously works great for business to business, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube would work, you know, direct to consumer, YouTube surprisingly, works well for business to business, depending on who you’re going after. And then there’s the technology that you’re referencing that allows you to capture somebody’s contact information, and then automatically send them a series of drip emails or text messages to deliver what you promised them and hopefully get them to buy more or buy something from you. There’s a million different auto responder marketing automation programs that would do that. And we’re partial to Infusionsoft and live on it every day. But we have clients who are running a Weber we have clients who are running Constant Contact and MailChimp, we have clients who are running, you know, Marketo, it just depends on what’s right for their company.

Sure, sure. And, and so it isn’t just about capturing the leads, obviously, if you don’t have a way to convert them to a sale, you know, you’re sitting on a big pile of nothing, right?

Correct you, you have to capture them, you have to convert them. So there has to be a process a marketing and sales process that takes someone from raising their hand and giving you contact information and saying, Sure, I’d like to download your white paper, I’d like to get your lead magnet, I’d like to watch your video. And then there needs to be an automated multimedia both email text message, voice broadcast, direct mail, however many ways you can reach them, if there needs to be an automated series of messages that takes them from I’m interested in learning more about that thing that you’re offering to I’m willing to punch in my credit card or talk to an actual person.

Right. And Seth, do you have any any guidance for folks who actually have a free
service versus something that’s paid. Because I’m, obviously I’ve got an underlying reason for asking, the core product that I sell in my technology company actually doesn’t cost our clients anything, it’s actually a revenue generation tool for them. And we make money when that product is actually placed. So a little bit like putting ATMs all over town, right, you can’t make money from the ATM fees until the ATMs are in place.

So when when you are using these, these mechanisms that you’ve talked about, which is a combination of tools, and the correct placement for that, you obviously need a product or delivery delivery service system to actually get that out to the client so that you’ve got predictable revenue, if you’re charging for that product, do you see?

Or have you done programs with people whose products are free, and who are just trying to get their products out into the marketplace to make money in a different model?

Absolutely. And first of all, sign me up for your program. That sounds fantastic. And second, yes, we’ve absolutely marketed things where it was free, sometimes you have to work harder to convince someone to get something that’s free, because they think it’s too good to be true. Or they think there’s a catch, or something’s going to happen after they do it. So sometimes it takes more work to sell something free,
I would honestly suggest that, again, depending on the target market, you’re going after, if that’s really free all the way through, and just pure free revenue for them, and you’re getting paid when they get paid. There may be in order to subsidize your advertising costs, you may want to charge something on the front end, even if there’s an ebook on the front end, or some type of kit information.
Even if you’re selling for a small amount, sell something so that you could take that money even if you don’t need it, because your service really is free. You take that 100 bucks per sale, and then you can use that to scale up your advertising because they advertise your product may be free. But the advertising sure isn’t. Right.

Right. So so I don’t want to give away all all of the steps in your process. But can you give us a description of your most successful client, maybe somebody who came in thinking that they couldn’t afford push button profits, you know, because obviously it does cost money to kick off this kind of program. But somebody who had, you know, they were skeptical coming in, but a raving fan on the other side?

Sure. So the way the Push Button profits Works program works right now is the members contribute advertising budget. So if Chicke needed an advertising budget of $5,000, to run ads to her free to her service, they contribute the $5,000. In exchange for that they get a percentage of every sale attributed to their spent specific link. So they basically an affiliate marketing campaign, they are funding the ad budget, we are building the marketing funnels, we are writing the copy producing the videos, writing the emails, writing the ads, managing the whole process, and then they are literally just sending in a check for hey, I want to contribute 500 hours of ad spend to this particular campaign. And then they’re getting their $500 ad spend back plus profits. So that’s why it’s push button profits. Our most successful campaign so far, again, the probably are five out of seven. So our not every campaign is a is a success. But we have a 70% win rate 71% win rate, which is pretty pretty good. Our most successful campaign so far was we would say that’s an understatement. By the way, we sold a report called mind power, which is also on Amazon. And this report, again about 20 pages, explains how there’s a certain bacteria that causes memory loss, and how our particular a particular supplement will get rid of that bacteria and improve their brain power memory, get rid of brain fog, all kinds of stuff like that. So I’m not making any health claims, obviously, on this podcast, however, we have, I think as of our last time I checked, we’ve sold five or 600 copies of the report. And then the report sells the supplement. And we’ve had a really high percentage of those people who then said Yes, I got educated. I learned about it. Now I want to write the bigger check for you know, a six month supply of those pills. Right, right. And we’ve been doing all of this via direct mail and print advertising so that we don’t have to deal with the Facebook and Google Privacy Rules or censorship issues.
And and I’m surprised you’re using the C word but I guess it is more
are palatable to talk about it now that we’ve got what what’s happening on Twitter these days?
A whole lot more in direct mail than I ever could say online. If I ran some of the print ads that were running online, they get shut down in two seconds. Right?

Right. Well, I am, first of all, I am so impressed with the model. I’m a business model expert. So not only do I build technology, but I help existing industries, take a look at their model and turn that model on its head. And you have absolutely done that. And I’m also personally intrigued because I think we have finally hit on something that I could deploy, really on both sides of my business, the media side with my 400 Plus podcasts that I have. And then also with my tech product, so I will become a both a client and a consumer of, of the programs that you’re doing, because I really think you’ve hit on a model, I love the model of other people being able to share in the upside, I just recently wrote a LinkedIn article about, you know, are other people actually celebrating your success? Right? Are they willing to put their money where their mouth is? Because, you know, I’ve got so many people who approached me with services, you know, everybody’s doing it. And over the last two years, the number of people selling services has exponentially multiplied. And some are good, some are not some are people who succeeded in corporate life and think that they can walk right into this entrepreneurial service world. And you know, and it’s, it’s tough out there. So again, this pay is you win model is one that I 100% believe in, and I do it in my consulting world, if you come to me and you need my strategic help, chances are, I’m going to prefer a pay as you win model where I get a piece of the upside on the back end, rather than charging you for my time I think time for money is, you know, kind of so 1990s

Absolutely, I would agree 100%. And we’ve prepared a special video, believe it’s almost 60 to 90 minutes long, that walks your folks through exactly how they can get their business to run without them. And then of course, if they want to play with us on the push button profits model of passive revenue they can and that’s it button profits now, all lowercase no spaces.

Well, that was going to be my next question of how do people get in touch with you? Well, certainly the very first thing that they need to do is is to buy the book. And again, it’s very affordable, available on Kindle for immediate download. And as you mentioned that, you know, they can finish this certainly in under an hour. And so imagine being able to make money while you sleep tomorrow. Right?

And that’s what we’re talking about here. 

Seth, where are you based?

Buffalo, New York.

How’s the weather up there?
Yesterday, it was 68 and sunny, and it was beautiful. Well in my son’s soccer game, and then it rained. Right now it’s cold and rainy. But next week is supposed to be wonderful.
Well, that’s great. I’m in Tampa, Florida, where I moved here 22 years ago, because we have 335 days of sunshine.
Absolutely. Nice, predictable, great weather.

Well, Seth, I am really looking forward to our follow one call to this, I am going to go back through your book start to finish to make sure that I know my stuff before we take the time to talk. But absolutely, I can get that done today. So you’ll be hearing from me soon.

So thank you so much for your time this morning. And again, this whole pay as you win model, I think really is the next phase of marketing. Because we all have the same amount of time every day. But you are a force multiplier in that time. And I think when you gravitate toward and hang out with people, like Seth, you’re gonna see your business grow. And this is why we invited him on the Game Changer today. Seth, thank you so so much for your time.

Thanks so much for having me. It’s a lot of fun.
You’ve been listening to the game changer. Ideas, inspiration, innovation with Chicke Fitzgerald.

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