Shirley Jump – Author of Finding Level Ground

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I am Shirley Jump and I am a Game Changer

“Shirley is a storyteller extraordinaire.  She reminds us in Finding Level Ground that life is short so we should love often and well. She introduces us to the powerful, relentless faith that carried Matt, and later his family and friends, through the inevitable periods of life that don’t make sense”

Get to know Matthew's Story

“Shirley draws you in from the first paragraph of this compelling story about Matthew DeRemer.  You will feel as if you are there in the room.”

Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald

In this poignant book, Shirley tells the tragic, yet hopeful story of Matthew DeRemer who suffered from bi-polar disorder.

Life is often difficult. It comes with a myriad of unanticipated situations and unexpected challenges.  Some are extremely complicated—but does the answer to that question have to be? Complicated, I mean.  What if the answer to our most complicated, tragic, and difficult experiences is really simple? It doesn’t make the journey any less difficult. It doesn’t mean the process is any less arduous. Often, though, we find the simplest response is the most comforting and sufficient.  Matthew’s story is difficult and complicated.

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Matthew is a veteran that was tragically killed by a drunk driver on New Years Eve in 2015.  That night, after finding out about the accident, Matthew’s mom came across a Facebook that he had written, musing about the coming new year.  This is a quote from that message that went viral.  It sets the backdrop for the story that Shirley so masterfully tells about Matthew, his struggles and his victory through his faith.

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