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This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Molly Wendell. The original live interview was 9/28/12.

Don’t waste days, weeks and months following the job search “rules.” Learn how to take charge and get offers for the work you love at the price you’re worth. 

Most job search “experts” have never endured the pain of an extended job search. For two years and three days Molly Wendell, a former Vice President of marketing, lived it. It wasn’t until she fired the “job boards” and quit following the rules that she figured out what really works. In 90 days, she secured 60 meetings and received 30 job offers. With a Black Belt in job search and the battle scars to prove it, Molly’s strategies for landing your next great position are the most innovative and important you will encounter today.

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Molly spent 15 years in sales, marketing and business development in the high tech industry — which included 10 years at IBM Corporation. After her last position as Vice President of Marketing for a technology consulting firm, she found herself looking for a job via the traditional method of sitting in front of her computer and sending off resumes. After 21 months and only one serious job offer (for a position she wasn’t interested in), Molly realized there had to be a more effective way to find a job. That way was to simply get out, meet people and have interesting conversations.

She quickly fine-tuned her job-networking strategies — and the results were astounding. In just 90 days she was able to secure 60 meetings with key decision makers at companies, resulting in more than 30 job offers for positions never posted. By using her refined networking techniques, Molly was successful at landing the job she wanted in a field she had no previous experience or connections.

It was through this process that Molly developed a network numbering in the thousands and learned first-hand the winning strategies in the game of networking—strategies she now regularly shares in interviews with news outlets and with executives nationwide.

Molly Wendell is the President of Executives Network. Known as the “Job Whisperer,” Molly has a knack for figuring out what you’re supposed to do in life, and connect you with people who can help you land faster. Molly holds an MBA from the University of California – Irvine, and a BS in Marketing from San Diego State University. 

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