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This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Traveler-In-Chief, Kathleen Ameche. The original live interview was 7/20/12. 

Throughout her career, Kathy has logged nearly 2,000,000 miles of business travel. That led her to write her first book, The Woman Road Warrior: A Woman’s Guide to Business Travel. The second edition of, The Woman Road Warrior: An Expert’s Guide to Domestic and International Business Travel was released in May of 2007.

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Kathleen Ameche has faced all the nightmares of travel, among them facing a loaded gun. But instead of just letting it take its toll, Kathleen’s collected her miles of travel notes and published a comprehensive guide, The Woman Road Warrior: A Women’s Guide to Business Travel (Agate Publishing), on how to look like a pro and be treated like royalty every time you travel. Although the book was written mainly for businesswomen, it has been described as a must-read for women who travel for any reason.

A “road warrior” for the last two decades, Kathleen (Kathy) Ameche is the CEO and President of the Ameche Group LLC a company she founded to help businesswomen maneuver through the business travel maze.

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