Relationship Ladder – Rung #2 NOISE

OK, so now you understand that even though spamming is something you can do quickly and really quite effortlessly, it is not a wise move in social media by anyone’s measure.

The next step up on the ladder is NOISE.

No one likes to be called “noisy”, yet, this is typically the first step for someone who decides to “graduate” from email spamming or the social media equivalent of mindless autoresponders trying to “sell” your idea or product to whoever follows you on social media.

Noise in Word of Mouth Media™ is the equivalent of going to a party and walking from group to group, introducing yourself and spouting off whatever you want to say and walking away without even knowing whether anyone cared or wanted to learn more.

Engagement does NOT follow noise, nor does conversion.

One of my favorite authors is Sam Horn. She wrote a great book called POP! with the sub-title of stand out in any crowd. Trust me, it doesn’t include instructions for how to generate “noise”. What Sam does talk about is how to get from the place where someone “furrows their brow”, which translates into not being very happy about whatever just happened, or worse, no “brow reaction”, to the place where you get a positive response (or in social media terms, someone commenting on your post, your tweet or your video) that looks more like raised eyebrows, which signifies visually “Wow!” or “I get it!”.

We’ll talk more about engagement when we talk about Rung #3 – RESPONSE. Stay tuned!

Chicke Fitzgerald | founder Solutionz Media and CEO Solutionz Group

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