Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee

Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee- STAND OUT

Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee- STAND OUT: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business


In their new book STAND OUT: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business, marketing and branding experts Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee provide a framework for developing and refining a message that will resonate in the marketplace.

TwinEngine Team Shares Their Strategic Approach: “When you say, ‘this is what we stand for and this is why we do what we do’ – you do so with the understanding that you will appeal most to those people who share your values and who relate to what you say you stand for.”

STAND OUT will equip CEOs, chief marketing officers, and chief strategy officers with tools and resources to help their business define what it is (distinct advantage), clarify how it represents itself to its prospects and customers (brand), and align these in practical ways to achieve specific measurable goals (strategy).

Hart and Lee are founders of TwinEngine, a Houston-based strategic marketing and creative agency.

In today’s complex business environment, having a superior product or service is not enough to distinguish a company from its competitors, nor can advertising alone command the attention and loyalty of customers. What’s needed is a consistent and genuine message that communicates the company’s core values, beliefs, and purpose – in short, a brand.

As identical twin sisters, the authors have developed a heightened awareness of the importance of perception and reality. From their first-hand experience of dealing with misperceptions and working hard to refine their individual identities, they’ve honed the ability to perceive differences in other people, companies, and brands. In STAND OUT, Hart and Lee have distilled this ability to help companies see themselves more objectively into a set of tools and exercises, such as the Brand Traffic Control Radar Tool, the Brand Traffic Control Assessment, the Brand Positioning Assessment, and the One-Page Marketing Plan.

The Brand Positioning Assessment shows where a company is compared to the competition and competing brands by measuring the four key attributes of a brand:

Brand Differentiation How effectively does the brand capture the attention of prospects?

Brand Relevance How aligned is the brand to customers’ and prospects’ needs?

Brand Promise How consistently does the brand deliver on its promises?

Brand Intelligence How well does the company understand its brand and the quality and impact of the brand experience on its customers?

Ultimately, a company’s product or service becomes an obvious choice as an extension of its story. The key is authenticity – aligning what an organization communicates about its products or services with what it truly is. When a company’s story, messages, and images reflect the values, personality, and lifestyle preferences of its customers, they’ll feel more involved with the brand.

Winnie Brignac Hart, and Lorrie Brignac Lee, authors of Stand Out – Mastering the 8 Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business and creators of The One-Page Marketing Plan bring 25+ years of marketing experience, 125+ industry awards and a passion for leveraging their twin talents to help companies translate traditional marketing channels into forward-thinking solutions.

They have built a reputation as inspired leaders, speakers and savvy interpreters of business brand and personality. At TwinEngine, they have collaborated with the largest public and privately held corporations in the region, helping them define their distinct advantages and what makes them stand out. They define their business style as collaborative and relationship-based, and bring a right-brain approach to the visual organization of ideas and the left-brain efficiencies of real-time brand management.

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