Stéphanie Rottet Client Perks: 50% off the Engagement Ladder Course

Rethinking your social interactions?  Amp up your engagement with LOVE.

If your tribe is not engaged, it is time to rethink your approach.   Stéphanie and Chicke Fitzgerald, the founder of Solutionz and the Game Changer will be doing an extended class this week as part off the UNCOMMON LOVE series.  The class begins Tuesday, 8FEB at 11am ET and repeats at the same time on Wednesday and Thursday.  It lasts for 45 minutes.

Solutionz is offering this training at a discount to those associated with Stéphanie Rottet and World INLIGHT Partners.

NOTE:  If you have donated to THE LOVE ARMY, then you will receive a full scholarship to this program.   You should already have an invitation to the Game Changer Hub and you can simply RSVP to the event.

► SPECIAL OFFER – LIVE Engagement Ladder Course

A three-day course designed for anyone that wants to achieve lifelong relationships and build community

February 9-11 from 11am – 1145am ET – a special course for those attending DO GOOD and MAKE MONEY™

By having been a client of Solutionz, you get 50% off the normal price for participation in the LIVE Amp Up Engagement – Engagement Ladder™, hosted by founder, Chicke Fitzgerald.

Benefit of the Course

Learn how to move up the ladder (and stay there)

Why your reputation is the

Understand the role of community in building an engaged tribe

We live in a world where online life is now nearly synonymous with real life.  Tools like Zoom™, Live™ and Google Hangouts has brought us together when it wasn’t possible to be face to face.  But after nearly a year of that kind of interaction, we can all agree that it can be surprisingly shallow and even a bit “spammy”, with participants tossing around their profile links and pitches like they were business cards at a networking event.  While handing out cards willy nilly is bad form even at a real life networking event, most online moderators don’t understand how distracting this can be to an event.

Engagement.  The Holy Grail of social networking.

Yet when you do hear someone talk about it, it is generally in the context of a metric, as opposed to being the goal of all human interaction.

Until now.

This course begins and ends with engagement and unlike what you taught in tactical courses on LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and ClubHouse, this course addresses both real life and online relationships.

Getting Started

Once you have paid, you will receive an invitation to the Game Changer Academy.  You will have access to all of the summit materials, as well as the Engagement Ladder course materials.  The course EVENT details will be there as well and you can RSVP.

NOTE:  If you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to access the course on demand, through the Academy.  Also, once you have paid for this course, you are welcome to attend any time it is offered live.

This week we will be offering the course to those that have been SOLUTIONZ clients for a special reduced rate.

Normally $399 USD, we will be offering a 50% discount and  charging just $199.50 USD.  This will include a one on one session with Chicke OR with Stéphanie after the training to review your personal engagement plan.  You may pay with either Paypal or your debit/credit card.

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