When I saw this picture, I just had to
write a blog about it. Ridiculous and beautiful at the same time,
everyone knows that this bike is art, not transportation. 

been a strategic consultant for some of the top companies in the travel
industry for the better part of 20 years, I have worked on lots of
business plans. I have watched many firms put an enormous amount of
energy into research and planning and have presented to more boards than
I can remember, only to watch those same companies slide slowly and
comfortably back into the status quo.

The only difference is that
the status quo is not beautiful. 

Moving forward requires not only the
form of a strategic plan, but motion, known in strategic circles as

An execution oriented plan is different and this is
where most companies fall down. They know what they want to accomplish
and perhaps even by when and they have a financial model that shows what
they would be tracking along the way, but they miss the measurable,
executable detailed planning part. That is because it is hard. But it is
not impossible. 

At Solutionz we help companies develop that
integrated plan for motion across all business disciplines within your
company. It takes just 3 days and that is the magic of it. 

Taking longer
to do a plan doesn’t produce better results. In fact, we believe that
is what causes companies to stumble. 

Don’t confuse the beautiful
blue bike on the street with riding it to get where you are going. A
bound business plan on the shelf is no better than the statue of the
bike. It is strategic planning mischief at its finest.

Fund it. Staff it. Measure it. Do it. Celebrate it.

Chicke Fitzgerald
game changing strategist