Success Soup – H is for Horizon

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In the course of your business life, storms will come.

This is not an “if”, it is “when”.  

In this photo, the storm is well off in the distance and the water is still calm, but the lightening is a stark warning of the peril of heading into the storm, particularly in a boat.

If you are a boater, one of the first things that you learn is to have a healthy fear of lightning.  Another is that when
you are in a storm, always keep your eyes on the horizon, not on the
waves.  That is the key to not getting seasick.

Likewise, a pilot in an airplane has an image of the horizon on their instrument panel.  The purpose of this indicator is to show where the plane is in relation to the horizon.  This is called an “attitude indicator”. 

In business, the equivalent to the horizon is knowing your destination and keeping your eye on the prize.  When the waves begin to roll around you, you have to stay grounded.  Also, being successful requires that in the face of adversity, that you know the signs of peril and what to steer away from.

You also need your own “attitude indicator” when you get off kilter vis a vis your business horizon.

Where are you today in your business?  Do you know the key indicators of being on course and have you done an effective job of risk mitigation – predicting those things that could come on your horizon and take you off course?

On Monday, we will move on to the letter I, with our next ingredient to success soup being Iconoclast.

Stay tuned.  



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