Success soup – U is for Uber-anything

I have to admit, the letter U was a challenge.   That could even be a good reason for taking a one week break from writing my blog.  😉

In my search for the perfect “u” word, I found that in the English language the letter U is often used with the letter “n” to mean the opposite of the word that it precedes.   Nope.  Producing a list of what not to do to be successful would simply be too long.

I was also reminded of of 7-Up’s early branding, defining themselves as the “Un-Cola”.   It was very effective for them.  And while it is clever to say what you are not, that didn’t quite hit the mark for me as an ingredient for success.

But there is one “u” word that really grabbed me.  It speaks to my passion for differentiation as a primary component of success.   Uber. definition
This word became fashionable about a decade ago and has recently been popularized by the new venture-backed ridesharing company.  They have adopted this great word as their
brand.  For them it means “better, cheaper, faster” than a taxi.   

If you are going to succeed, you really need to make sure that there is at least one element of your product or service that is “the ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better than.”

By the way, that definition comes from the Urban Dictionary – an uber-cool version of the standard online dictionary.
When my new product comes out I would love it if people would use the word “uber” to clarify what it is that we deliver.  Uber-precise trip planning.  Yes, that’s the ticket.  
What is your “uber” characteristic of your product or service?  
Tomorrow’s word is Velocity.   Over the last week I’ve been at two of my daughter’s golf tournaments and it seems fitting, as velocity is an important part of success in the game of golf.
Stay tuned.

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