Success Soup – X marks the spot

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were certain that you knew where to find buried treasure.  You had a map to prove it!

X marks the spot where that treasure is buried.

Now you are all grown up and your success isn’t dependent on mythical treasure. 

But you should have a map.  It is called your strategy.

You should know how to navigate difficult waters and have a risk mitigation plan. 

And you need to know what the treasure looks like.  Is it penetrating or conquering a particular new market?  Is it achieving a certain number of clients?  Is it reducing churn of your existing clients?  Is it selling a certain number of widgets?  

Know precisely the spot on that map that is your success turning point.  

We are almost to the end.  Tomorrow is the letter Y.  The good news is that it is WAY easier than X!

Stay tuned.


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