Success soup – Z is for Zoo

Sometimes, if you are going to succeed, you just have to set aside absolutely everything and go to the ZOO.  

Taking time for yourself, or even going with the kids or your grandkids, can provide a much needed respite from the crazy amount of hours that you likely put in at your job. 

You have to admit that there is something truly magical about animals.   

My favorite zoo is actually Busch Gardens, located right here in Tampa, Florida.  Since it is so close to home and we have season passes, I have even been known to go there without my kids (although please don’t tell them). 

There are two animals that always vie for my attention at Busch Gardens.  One is the white Bengal tiger and the other is the Cheetah.   They are both completely captivating.

When I lived in Milwaukee, there was an amazing Penguin exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  I could watch the penguins for hours.  The way that they would dive and jump out of the water was fascinating.

I imagine that there have been times during your success journey when you have felt like you were working in a zoo.   I wonder sometimes if we would stop what we are doing and just watch the people around us, if we would learn as much as we do watching animals.

If you can’t take a break to go to the zoo, perhaps you should just take a break and pretend you are at the zoo.  I wonder what your take aways would be.

You’ll have to let me know.


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